I Help Gay and Bisexual Men Live Their Best Life Possible

I work with gay and bisexual men to come out, find purpose and meaning, date, and make other gay friends. I encourage men to embody the very best of the gay community and show them how to be role models for younger gay and bisexual men.

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In the blog I share some of my thoughts and musing on the nature of being queer, the importance of LGBTQ+ people in the world,  and more.

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I run a Queer Spirituality Facebook group where I post resources for living your best life as a gay or bisexual man. It's also a great place to connect with others.

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Queer Spirituality: The Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast in which I talk about issues related to living as a spiritual gay or bisexual man. 

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My Story

Spiritual life coach Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC with his cat, Enki

Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC is an ICF certified spiritual life coach. As a gay man, Julian has been on a journey to live openly and boldly, discover his purpose and meaning, and to create connection with other gay and bisexual men. Having facilitated spiritual gay men's events in the past, he discovered that when gay men embodied a sacred presence and witnessed one another, they created a gay community that was supportive, accepting, and loving. This led him to develop the Sacred Kinship program to help gay men make other gay friends and create supportive, loving communities wherever they are in the world. 

Recently on The Queer Spirituality Podcast

February 24, 2023

One issue that often arises for queer people is that they don't relate to the idea of their higher power being gendered. Or they don't relate to the gender of the Divine

Ep. 10: Queer Spirit, the Non-Gendered Higher Power

February 7, 2023

This week I chatted with Dr. Rolf Nolasco of the Garret-Evangelical Theological Seminary where Dr. Nolasco serves as the director of the Rueben P. Job Institute for Spiritual Formation. Dr. Nolasco has

Ep. 9: Dr. Rolf Nolasco on finding safety in queer spiritual spaces

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I've been going through some old blog posts from a previous queer spirituality blog I had written several years ago. One of these posts, I wrote shortly after seeing the movie Vito about gay activist, Vito Russo. I had seen the movie at the Neon, our local art theater. Before Continue reading

Why LGBTQ visibility is so important

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