Fio Gede Parma, non-binary queer mystic and author

Fio Gede Parma, Queer Mystic and author

On this episode, I sat down to chat with non-binary queer mystic and author, Fio Gede Parma. Our discussion touched on various topics, but the overall focus was on the idea of mystery and what it means to both be a mystic and to live in the current world. I'll highlight some parts that stood out, but you owe it to yourself to listen to the full conversation.

The Meaning of Queer Spirituality

If you've listened to the podcast for a while, you know that I always ask my guests what queer spirituality means to them. I would have to say that Fio's answer was perhaps the most unique because it focused on sovereignty, something that hasn't come up before. They pointed out that being queer is inherently political and is an act of resistance against forces of domination and subjugation. What a wonderful definition!

Surrendering to the Mystery

Mysticism is often associated with solitude and contemplation, but Fio offers a different perspective. They describe mysticism as a deeply cultivated, intimate surrender to the mystery of the divine. It is a path of direct intimacy with the divine, where one discovers wisdom, truth, and love through direct experience. Mysticism is not about relying on intermediaries or external authorities; it is about cultivating a personal relationship with the divine.

Fio emphasizes that mysticism is a practical path, especially within the context of witchcraft. They describe witchcraft as a form of practical mysticism, where one can access multiple realms of consciousness and weave with the ever-unfolding nature of life. Witchcraft allows for the artful negotiation and navigation of fate and the life force. It is deeply rooted in the here and now, accessible to anyone, regardless of their daily responsibilities or obligations.

Opting Out of the Consensus

Fio challenges the notion that the world we live in is the ultimate reality. They remind us that the constructed world we inhabit is not the real world, but rather a world shaped by convenience and survival. While it may seem overwhelming to challenge the status quo, Fio draws inspiration from marginalized and oppressed groups who have fought for their civil rights through acts of civil disobedience, protest, and resistance.

They also highlight the wisdom of indigenous communities and their ability to maintain a sense of sovereignty and dignity in the face of immense violence and colonization. By aligning ourselves with the earth, the land, and the elements of life, we can resist the forces of oppression and reclaim our sovereignty. Magic and ritual become powerful tools for resistance and transformation, allowing us to envision and manifest a different world.

The Witch Belongs to the World: A Spell of Becoming

Fio's upcoming book, The Witch Belongs to the World: A Spell of Becoming, is a love song to witches. It explores the essence of witchcraft as an ecstatic, sorcerous, mystical, transgressive, and queer phenomenon. The book serves as a guide, offering practical and poetic ways to connect with the divine and embrace one's witchcraft. It is an initiation, a celebration of self as a witch, and an invitation to dive deep into the well of ancestry, land, and history.

Fio's book challenges the dichotomy between the spiritual and the mundane, reminding us that everything is divine and sacred. It encourages readers to explore their ancestry, to connect with their queer ancestors, and to honor the rivers of history that have shaped their existence. By aligning with the wisdom of the past and embracing the power of the present, we can create a magical life that is deeply rooted in our own truth and sovereignty.

Embracing the Power of Ancestors

Fio emphasizes the importance of connecting with our ancestors, particularly for queer individuals. Our queer ancestors paved the way for us to be who we are today, and by honoring them, we honor ourselves. Ancestor work is not limited to biological or adoptive family; it extends to the spirits of the land, the angels, and the ancient beings who have witnessed the journey of humanity.

By delving into our ancestry, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. We uncover the complex web of history that has shaped us and tap into the wisdom of those who came before us. Ancestor veneration is a powerful practice that allows us to reclaim our roots, heal ancestral wounds, and draw strength from the resilience of our queer lineage.

Fio Gede Parma's book, The Witch Belongs to the  World

The Journey of Queer Spirituality

Queer spirituality is a transformative path that celebrates queerness as a gift and embraces the power of mysticism. It challenges the illusion of the constructed world and invites us to reclaim our sovereignty and dignity. Through magic, ritual, and connection with our ancestors, we can resist the forces of oppression and create a world that honors the sacredness of all beings.

Fio Gede Parma's book, The Witch Belongs to the World: A Spell of Becoming, serves as a guide for witches on their journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It encourages us to embrace our queerness, connect with our ancestors, and weave our own unique path of magic and mysticism. By honoring our queer lineage and aligning with the wisdom of the past, we can create a future that is rooted in love, liberation, and the celebration of all forms of existence.

As you continue on your journey of queer spirituality, remember that you are not alone. You are part of a vibrant community of witches, mystics, and seekers who are reclaiming their power and shaping a world that celebrates diversity and authenticity. Together, we can create a future where queerness is not only accepted but celebrated as a sacred gift.

Episode Notes

About The Guest:

Fio Gede Parma is a Balinese Australian, non-binary queer mystic, initiate, witch, and award-winning author. They have taught and mentored in witchcraft and magic in five continents and have written several books on the subject. Theo is deeply committed to exploring the intersection of queerness and spirituality and believes that witchcraft is a practical path of mysticism.


Fio Gede Parma joins Julian Crosson-Hill on the Queer Spirituality podcast to discuss the intersection of queerness and spirituality. They explore the idea that queerness is a gift and that the divine celebrates it. Fio describes their understanding of mysticism as a deeply cultivated, intimate surrender to the mystery of the divine. They emphasize that mysticism and witchcraft can be practical and accessible to everyone, even those with busy lives. They also discuss the political nature of queerness and the importance of resistance and activism. Fio's new book, "The Witch Belongs to the World: A Spell of Becoming," is a guide to witchcraft and initiation, drawing on folklore and poetry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Queer spirituality is about deeply embedded and integrated sovereignty, resisting forces of domination and control.
  • Mysticism is a practice of direct intimacy with the mystery of the divine, allowing for the discovery of wisdom, truth, and love.
  • Witchcraft is a practical path of mysticism, allowing for direct access to the divine and the weaving of fate.
  • Queerness is inherently political and can be a form of protest and resistance against oppressive systems.
  • Practical magic and ritual can be integrated into everyday life, allowing for a deeper connection to the sacred.


  • "Mysticism is deeply cultivated, intimately surrendering to the mystery of the divine."
  • "Witchcraft is a practical path of mysticism, allowing for direct intimacy with the mystery."
  • "Queerness is inherently political, resisting forces of domination and control."
  • "Practical magic and ritual can be integrated into everyday life, allowing for a deeper connection to the sacred."

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