Halloween, a popular queer holiday, provides an opportunity to reflect on the concept of queer ancestors and the power they hold in our lives. By connecting with our queer spirit ancestors, we tap into a lineage of courage and power that spans centuries. In this article, we will explore the significance of queer ancestors and their impact on our lives.

1. The Giants: Champions of the Queer Cause

"Our queer ancestors are those people who went before and championed the queer cause, who refused to conform and denied their love because it was convenient or easier to do so."

These giants include individuals like Oscar Wilde, Larry Kramer, Vito Russo, and Harvey Milk, who stood up against discrimination and fought for LGBTQ rights. They embody the courage and power that we, as queer individuals, possess. Remembering their stories and the challenges they faced empowers us to continue the fight for equality.

2. Spiritual Intermediaries: Opening Doorways to Queer Spirituality

"Our spiritual queer spirit ancestors are those who opened doorways for queer people to explore their spirituality in a way that affirmed their queerness and celebrated it."

Throughout history, there have been individuals who practiced gender variant behavior and served as spiritual intermediaries for their communities. These individuals, often nameless, held roles as priests, medicine men, and oracles. They navigated the boundary between the normal world and the spiritual realm, providing access to the divine for queer individuals.

"We believe the Sumerians may have had a third gender. They actually had a word that meant neither woman nor man."

Scott Cunningham, author of "Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner," and Randy Connor, author of "Blossom of Bone," are examples of spiritual queer spirit ancestors who have influenced the exploration of queer spirituality. Their works have inspired generations to embrace their queerness within their spiritual practices.

3. Personal Queer Spirit Ancestors: Impactful Connections

"The people who have personally affected us are also our queer spirit ancestors."

These personal queer spirit ancestors are individuals who have had a direct impact on our lives. They may be friends, mentors, or loved ones who have passed away. Remembering and sharing their stories keeps their memories alive and honors their contributions to our lives.

"Puck was so fun... he would always have these elaborate costumes... he would dance with such joy and abandon around the bonfires."

"Crystal Bear... he was very into crystals and crystal energy... he gifted me his book... and to this day I still chant some of the mantras that he taught during his workshop."

Connecting with our queer spirit ancestors has profound implications for our lives. By recognizing and honoring their contributions, we tap into a lineage of courage, power, and resilience. This connection empowers us to live authentically as queer individuals, to embrace our queerness, and to resist societal pressures to conform. It reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles and that we have the strength to create change.

Furthermore, acknowledging our queer spirit ancestors allows us to reclaim our history and rewrite the narrative of queer identity. It challenges the notion that queerness is a deviation from the norm and instead positions it as a unique and valuable aspect of human experience. By embracing our queer ancestors, we challenge the erasure of queer history and affirm the importance of queer voices in shaping spirituality and society.

Conclusion and future outlook

As we celebrate Halloween and honor our queer spirit ancestors, let us remember the giants who fought for LGBTQ rights, the spiritual intermediaries who opened doorways to queer spirituality, and the personal connections that have impacted our lives. By recognizing and connecting with our queer ancestors, we tap into a wellspring of courage, power, and resilience that empowers us to live authentically and create change. Let us continue to tell their stories, keep their memories alive, and forge a path forward that embraces and celebrates queerness in all its forms. Together, we can shape a future where queerness is not just accepted, but celebrated as a divine gift.

Show Notes

Summary: In this episode of the Queer Spirituality podcast, Julian Crosson-Hill discusses the significance of Halloween for the queer community. He explains that while Halloween is a time for fun and dressing up, it also has deeper spiritual aspects. In pagan circles, Halloween is celebrated as Samhain, a festival that honors ancestors and recognizes the thinning of the veil between the worlds. Julian reflects on the concept of queer ancestors and how they play a role in the spiritual journey of queer individuals. He categorizes queer ancestors into three groups: the giants who championed LGBTQ rights, the spiritual intermediaries who opened doorways for queer people to explore their spirituality, and the personal connections we have with individuals who have impacted our lives. Julian emphasizes the importance of remembering and honoring our queer spirit ancestors, as they provide a sense of empowerment and courage to live authentically.

Key Takeaways:

  • Halloween is a time for the queer community to celebrate and have fun, but it also has deeper spiritual aspects.
  • Queer ancestors are not limited to blood relations but can include spirit ancestors who have contributed to the LGBTQ community.
  • Remembering and honoring queer spirit ancestors can provide a sense of empowerment and courage to live authentically.


  • "When we remember them, when we tell our stories and our history, we keep those people alive on a level, on a spiritual level."
  • "We are connected spiritually to them through our queerness. And we have that same courage and that same power in our bones that they had in their bones."
  • "When we think about those people and the challenges that they stood up to, we can say we're not going to live that again. We're not going to slide backwards."
  • "What's remembered lives."
  • "Take a moment to connect with that and see if it doesn't make you feel more empowered to live authentically as who you are."

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About the Author, Julian Crosson-Hill

Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC is an ICF certified spiritual life coach and human design specialist. He coaches gay and bisexual men in living a life of purpose, meaning, and connection.

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