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I'm Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC. I'm an ICF certified spiritual life coach, meditation & mindfulness teacher, tarot reader, witch, and gay man. Read on to learn more about my personal journey and how I can help you with yours.

Spiritual life coach Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC with his cat, Enki

I was a very bright and very sensitive child. I loved animals and growing things, especially flowers (so no surprise that I later embraced Neo Paganism). I knew from a very early age that I was different from the other boys but I didn’t know why. I also knew that whatever the difference was, it wasn’t appreciated by everyone.

Even though I’d figured it out by my teen years, I didn’t come out until college. As a sophomore studying fine art at the University of New Mexico I met a wonderful friend who was an older graduate student. He introduced me to a community of men that was close-knit, loving, and supportive. It was also the height of the AIDS crisis and we needed one another.

After leaving the University, I spent some time volunteering for an AIDS organization. I did what I could which sometimes meant just being present and listening. 

In 2000, I met Michael Lloyd who would become my co-conspirator in operating the Between the Worlds festival.  Between the Worlds was a Neo Pagan festival for gay and bi men. Michael introduced me to the concept of queer spirituality and shared several great books on the subject. Michael had been one of the co-founders of the Green Faerie Grove, a gay men’s Neo Pagan group in Columbus, Ohio. I joined the group and we operated Between the Worlds as an extension of the grove. Through 2010, I explored the world of queer spirituality through my work as co-facilitator of Between the Worlds and an active member of Green Faerie Grove. In 2010, the changes occurring within the Between the Worlds community and the grove made it no longer feel like the home I’d come to love and I set out for new adventures.

For 4 years I ran another men’s spiritual festival called Coph Nia. Unfortunately the festival struggled to get men to commit and attend so amid rising cost without attendance that was growing to match, I had no choice but to close the festival. 

Julian Crosson-Hill,ACC as a sophomore at the University of New Mexico

This is me as a sophomore art student at the University of New Mexico.

Julian Crosson-Hill & Michael Lloyd at Between the Worlds 2008

Michael Llyod and I at the end of the weeklong Between the Worlds festival in 2007

Since that time, I’ve come to see a lot of the ways that we, as queer people, inflict pain upon each other. I’ve seen people come under intense pressure to conform to some manufactured image of what it means to be queer, what queer relationships should look like, how men should act (or not act), and what kind of body they should have. I've known many older men who came out late in life after having been married and had children. I've seen them struggle to fit into a community often obsessed with looks and youth I’ve also seen queer people struggle with their relationship to a higher power because of misguided ideas of spirituality forced upon them by people who didn’t have a personal connection to love themselves.

.I believe that is the essence of queer spirituality–the embrace of a spiritual path that doesn’t just accept queerness but rather celebrates it. I believe that queer communities can tap into the love and support that I once saw in the late 1980s. It’s in our nature to be compassionate and loving beings and we’re here with an important spiritual mission if we can just cut the crap. 

Some time ago, I was talking with a friend about how divided the queer community seems to be. We talked about the need for building tighter communities. In particular, men in our society struggle with intimacy and gay men often equate intimacy and connection with sex. From that discussion, we created the concept of Sacred Kinship. It's a process of releasing expectations, blame, fears, and judgments to be fully present and connected with other men. (We purposefully chose the word "kin" because tribe is often appropriated by non-indigenous people.) Since that conversation, I've continued to develop the Sacred Kinship program and process.

I also provide private spiritual life coaching for those gay and bi men* that are ready to level up, come out, or just need to find more fulfillment in life. I’m ready to partner with you to embody your highest and most authentic vibe. I want you to shine your brightest light. Live, love and be what is true and right for you. 

*I coach gay and bi men because I believe the best coaches coach from their own lived experience. As a result, I work with anyone that identifies as a gay or bi man.

My husband, Neal and I during a trip to New York City in 2009

About Priest of Inanna, LLC

In 2019, I was teaching yoga and traveling teaching workshops on tarot and Neo Paganism. I needed to establish a business entity to be the vehicle for my work so I started Priest of Inanna, LLC.

 I named my company Priest of Inanna because I’ve always felt an affinity for the Sumerian goddess, Inanna. In the tale of her descent into the underworld, it is two beings neither male nor female that ultimately come to the goddess’ rescue. For me, this feels like the first queer myth and holds a space place in my heart.

Under the umbrella of Priest of Inanna, I’ve created several brands as vehicles for the various work I do. Today, the primary Priest of Inanna brand is the vehicle under which I provide spiritual business coaching to help spiritual entrepreneurs grow and thrive and spiritual life coaching for answering your spiritual calling in life.

Queer spirituality is home to my LGBTQ+ focused content, The Queer Spirituality Podcast, and my gay and bisexual men's life coaching offerings

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