Work with a gay life coach to create the out and proud life you desire

You can work with me (a gay life coach who gets where you're coming from). I offer private 1:1 coaching, Sacred Kinship group coaching, and Sacred Kinship retreats. Learn more below or book a clarity call to find out what would serve you best.

Life coaching for coming out can make embracing an uncloseted life easier and more fulfilling

Spiritual life coaching for coming out

The decision whether or not to come out as gay or bisexual can be a difficult one. There's often a lot of fear around whether or not your loved ones will be accepting of you. Or you might still be unsure how you identify or if you even want to identify a certain way.

Working with a gay life coach through the coming out process can make it much easier and help you feel more confident and secure in who you are. Coming out can be a peaceful and joyful process. Let's work together to make your coming out one.

Gay and bisexual men's life coaching

Once you've come out, you may find yourself facing new challenges to living the out and proud life that you truly desire. Maybe you need help finding a greater purpose to life, entering the dating scene, navigating making gay friends, growing your career, or finding a spiritual path that honors who you are at every life.

My private 1:1 spiritual life coaching can help you face those challenges and more with grace and style. Find the confidence to live as your most authentic self. 

Spiritual gay & bisexual men's life coaching to life live unapologetically
Men making friends at a gay men's spiritual retreat

Sacred Kinship Group Program

The Sacred Kinship Group Program is an 8-week program designed by gay life coach, Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC. This program gives participants tools for creating deep, authentic friendships with other gay and bisexual men and for building real community. This program also invites participants to become aware of and overcome the expectations, fears, and judgements that arise when interacting with the gay community. The program runs several times a year and there is a waitlist available. 

Sacred Kinship Retreat

Whether you've taken the Sacred Kinship group program or not, the Sacred Kinship retreat will be a powerful experience. You can view this as an opportunity to further practice what you learned in the Sacred Kinship program or as an intensive version of the program. Either way, you'll come out of this weekend retreat with new lifelong friendships, a new set of tools for making authentic connections and building real community, and a better understanding of your own expectations, fears, and judgements around other gay and bisexual men.

Make lifelong friends at this gay men's spiritual retreat