Unleash your magic: Transformative Gay Life Coach for Authentic Living and Empowerment

When you hide who you truly are in order to blend in with others, you lose your magic. I know because I once lost mine. And the thing is, your magic, those things that make your unique and wonderful, when unleashed will change the world. I help gay and bisexual men find their magic and change the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re just coming out or if you’ve been out for awhile, you may have noticed that you’re hiding parts of yourself.  Or maybe you just haven’t found “your people” that love, accept and support all of you. I can help. Book a free clarity call today to learn more. 

Life coaching for coming out can make embracing an uncloseted life easier and more fulfilling

Spiritual life coaching for coming out

Are you a gay or bisexual man preparing to come out? This can be both an exciting and frightening time! You may be worried about being accepted by your loved ones but at the same time, you know in your heart that it’s time to live your truth. Having the right guidance and support to help you navigate the unique challenges of coming out can make the difference between a difficult experience and one that is rewarding.

Working with a gay life coach can help provide you with the tools to build a strong support network, develop self-awareness, and create a life that reflects your true values and desires. I’ll help you learn to trust your inner voice and embrace your unique identity, empowering you to make meaningful connections and live life to the fullest. Let me help you unleash your magic and change the world as you embark on this exciting new chapter of your life.

Transformational Life coaching for gay & Bi Men

Are you a gay or bi man who has already come out and found that maybe you weren’t embraced for the wonderful and unique person you are? You may even be feeling that you don’t really belong in the gay community. Or maybe you’re hiding parts of who you are in order to fit in. I can help you find the magic in who you really are. A gay life coach that has been there before, can be a huge help in discovering a deeper understanding of your values, passions, and life goals.

Working with me, we’ll explore the transformative power of living as your authentic self, how just being you changes the world, and how you can find deeper meaning in life by celebrating what makes you different. By embracing your wonderful self, you will experience greater happiness and fulfillment in all areas of life.

Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC, spiritual life coach for gay and bisexual men
Men making friends at a gay men's spiritual retreat

Sacred Kinship Group Program

Experience the transformative power of connection and community in the Sacred Kinship Group Program, an 8-week journey designed specifically for gay and bisexual men by ICF-certified, gay life coach, Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC. This immersive program provides you with the tools and techniques needed to forge deep, authentic friendships with other gay and bisexual men, while fostering a true sense of belonging and support within your community.

Throughout the program, you'll gain insights into overcoming expectations, fears, and judgments that may arise when interacting with the gay community. By participating in engaging group discussions and activities, you will learn to build non-sexual intimacy and create empowering connections that will enrich your life in countless ways. Offered several times a year, the Sacred Kinship Group Program invites you to join the waitlist and embark on this transformative journey alongside like-minded individuals who share your desire for meaningful relationships and a strong sense of community. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to redefine your connections and create lasting friendships with other gay and bisexual men.

The program runs several times a year and there is a waitlist available. 

Sacred Kinship Retreats

Embark on a transformative journey with the Sacred Kinship Retreat, an intimate and immersive small group experience designed for gay and bisexual men seeking to foster non-sexual intimacy and connection within a spiritual context. Whether you've participated in the Sacred Kinship group program or are new to this transformative approach, this weekend retreat will provide a powerful and enriching experience for all.

Throughout the retreat, you will deepen your understanding of authentic connections and real community-building while delving into your own expectations, fears, and judgments around other gay and bisexual men. Through engaging activities and workshops in a serene and supportive environment, each Sacred Kinship Retreat is unique, focusing on a specific spiritual theme. By the end of this weekend, you will not only form lifelong friendships but also gain a new set of tools and insights to help you create meaningful relationships and foster a strong sense of community. Don't miss this unique opportunity to nurture your spiritual growth, embrace authentic connections, and experience the power of the Sacred Kinship Retreat.

Make lifelong friends at this gay men's spiritual retreat