Make gay friends & build gay community through Sacred Kinship

Sacred Kinship is an 8-week group coaching program for gay and bisexual men to learn to connect with authentic gay community, make gay friends, and release expectations and judgements.

Why is it so hard to make other gay friends?

I can't even tell you how often I've heard this from gay and bisexual men. For many men, the gay community is unfriendly, judgmental, and unwelcoming. This is such a sharp contrast to the gay community in which I came out in the late 1980s.

It's also very different from the gay community I experienced when I co-founded and co-facilitated the Between the Worlds Men's Gathering from 2002 - 2010. The men who attended Between the Worlds set a lot of the attitudes and judgments aside during the event. As a result, many lifelong friendships were made.

Knowing that a gay community that is supportive, accepting and welcoming is possible, I set out to create a group program to help other gay and bisexual men overcome the barriers to making the connection necessary to build lifelong gay friendship.

The gay community is broken

It really bothers me that so many men come out and find a community that does fully embrace and accept them. After all, shouldn't your own people be the ones that support, accept and celebrate you?

Many men experience...

  • Transactional relationships and connections that are solely focused on sex
  • Feeling unaccepted due to their body size or shape, race, age, or perceived masculinity or femininity
  • A gay community divided into small cliques and subgroups
  • Loneliness and isolation

Why "Sacred Kinship"?

When I first conceived of this program, I wanted to capture the feeling of a gay community that was tight knit, supportive, and based on authentic connection. The first word that came to mind was "tribe". I recognized that the use of the word "tribe" as a non-indigenous person felt incorrect. But "kin" describes people who are family or close relations. Many gay men have "chosen families" made up of their closest friends. This idea captured the feel that I wanted to create. Hence, "Sacred Kinship".

How Sacred Kinship changes things

Expectations, blame, fears, and judgments create the biggest barrier to making lasting gay friends and creating a gay community you can be proud to belong. When I talk with gay men and being in gay spaces, they often express hesitancy. This signals that there are expectations about other gay men that need work. 

The Sacred Kinship program is a group coaching program in which we examine these expectations and rewire them. Alongside this process, we learn important skills for creating deep connection including sacred presence and centered witnessing. After all, isn't what most of really want to be truly seen and heard by other gay men?

This program also works to strengthen your self-confidence so you can approach the gay community from a place of authenticity and self-love. After all, it's much easier to love other people when we love ourselves. 

  • Learn presence and centered witnessing
  • Tear down expectations around the gay community
  • Release judgments that create separation
  • Maintain connections
  • Strengthen self-confidence and self-acceptance

What's included...

8 weekly Zoom group calls

Every week, there will be a Zoom call. During these calls, we'll explore the week's topic, practice skills, and get to know each other. The group calls are the meat of the program in that you spend time interacting with other gay men and may even count them as lifelong friends by the end of the program.

Access to recordings & resources

Each week's call is recorded. You'll have a portal to access the recordings. Additionally, there will be other resources in the portal including worksheets, video content and more.

Voxer support & group interactions

I'll be available through the Voxer voice messaging app to support you in integrating the material. You will also be able to add others from the group and voice message each other, if you wish.

Online Sacred Kinship community

You'll also get access to the online Sacred Kinship Community where you can connect with and interact with other gay and bisexual men, who have made the same commitment to creating a gay community that is accepting, supportive, and loving. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sacred Kinship cost?

Sacred Kinship costs $597 per person when paid upfront.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! You can pay a deposit of $250 when in enrolling and then 2 monthly payments of $190. Biweekly payment plans are also available. Contact me if now of the payment options work for you and we can discuss a plan that will. 

How many men are in a Sacred Kinship Group Program?

Each cohort of Sacred Kinship is limited to a maximum of 12 men. There is a minimum requirement of 4 men to run a cohort.

How can I continue working with these concepts for building a better gay Community?

I'm really glad you asked. It makes me happy to see this vision of a supportive, accepting, and loving gay community resonate with others. If you want to continue to develop these skills and connect with other men who hold this vision for the gay community, you might want to consider attending a Sacred Kinship Retreat. These 3-day retreats are great opportunities to take a refresher and to make other gay friends. You can learn more at the Sacred Kinship Retreats page. Other opportunities will be offered in the future. 

I have another question.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can schedule a free clarity call with me to see if Sacred Kinship is right for you, or send me an email on the contact page.

Sacred Kinship is currently on a waitlist

2023 dates for Sacred Kinship have not yet been chosen. Based on interest, I try to hold the program at least 4 times per year. Join the waitlist and be notified when new dates are added.