Spiritual Life Coaching for Coming Out

The decision to come out lgbtq can sometimes be a difficult one. It can be a scary and confusing time in your life. Coming out coaching can help you know when you're ready to come out and feel confident about living an uncloseted life. 

Life coaching for coming out can make embracing an uncloseted life easier and more fulfilling

Coming out is a very personal decision

For many lgbtq men, coming out can be a difficult and scary process. There's worry that you might not really be gay or bisexual. Is it safe to come out? Will your loved ones accept you? Is there a possibility that you might lose your job? 

The truth is that coming out is a continuous process. Most men come out in stages, beginning with those that they feel safest around. Gradually as they become more comfortable, they come out to other in their lives. 

Working with a spiritual life coach during your coming out process, can help make the process easier. Coming out coaching involves help you decide whether you want to come out and how you want to come out. If you're new to your lgbtq identity, spiritual life coaching can also help you feel confident and proud. 

Accepting your own identity

Maybe you're still struggling with your own identity. You might be asking yourself, "How can I be gay?" or "Am I bisexual"? Coming out coaching starts with you embracing your sexuality and feeling confident about who you are. 

Coming out lgbtq

Whether you identify as gay or bisexual, the coming out process will be similar. We'll work together to discover who you feel most comfortable coming out to first. We'll also prepare for any negative reactions and get you feeling comfortable about having the coming out conversation.

Living the uncloseted life

How much you come out is ultimately up to you. Well work together to explore how out you want to be and what living an uncloseted and authentic life would look like for you. Through this process, we'll also work on discovering how you want to come out to additional people. 

Why work with me?

Coaching Sessions

Our coaching sessions will be an hour long. During that time, I'll partner with you on your coming out process. You'll set the direction and we'll work at your pace.

Voxer Support

Throughout our work together, I'll be there to support and cheer you on. Between our sessions, you can voice message me through the Voxer app to ask questions or just get some encouragement. 

Work with a gay life coach

There are a lot of life coaches that work with LGBTQ clients but aren't LGBTQ themselves. You'll be working with a gay life coach that has been through the coming out process and know how scary and uncertain it can feel.

Spiritual life coaching for coming out - Getting started 


Clarity Call

The first step is to book a clarity call. During this call, we'll discuss where you are now and where you want to get. We'll also make sure that coming out coaching with me is a right fit for you.



Our first real session will be a deep dive. We'll really explore why you might be hesitating to come out LGBTQ, how confident and proud you feel about your identity and any other blocks or fears you may be experiencing. 


Begin the work

From the exploration phase, we'll move into doing the work. Together we'll help you learn to embrace your truth as an uncloseted gay or bisexual man, prepare you for coming out conversations, and help you step into the most authentic and out life possible. 


What is Spiritual life coaching?

Spiritual Life Coaching is a collaborative and creative process in which the coach partners with the client to help them uncover previously untapped potential. Spiritual Life Coaching utilizes spiritual tools, such as guide visualization and meditation, to approach common life problems. 

Why Spiritual life coaching for coming out?

I believe that being gay or bisexual gives us a very unique and creative perspective on life that is needed during our turbulent times. I see being LGBTQ as a blessing that should be celebrated not just merely accepted. Spiritual life coaching, in my opinion, allows us to see ourselves as part of the Divine and a blessing sent here to help the human collective. I think a positive spiritual view of your identity as a gay or bisexual man will make the coming out process feel less stressful. 

What does coming out coaching cost?

Spiritual life coaching for coming out doesn't have to break the bank and may be more affordable than you'd expect. Most clients pay $350 - $700 per month depending on how frequently we meet and how long we work together. 

How long will it take?

You'll be setting the pace for your own coming out process so ultimately, how long we need to work together will depend on you. Typically, clients work with me for a minimum of 3 months and sometimes as long as 12 months. 

What can we work on?

We can work on any goal that you wish to accomplish. Common things that clients work on include self-acceptance, body image, confidence, self-esteem, fear around rejection, dating, and deciding how out to be. Ultimately, you decide what we'll work on in each session. 

Will you support me outside of our sessions?

Absolutely! I know that coming out can be scary and I wanted to be in your corner cheering you on. You'll be able to reach me through the Voxer voice app between our sessions. I'll answer questions for you and provide encouragement.

I have another question.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about spiritual life coaching for coming out. You can visit my contact page and send me an email through the form there. 

Live confidently and uncloseted

Come out on your terms